Playing MIDI files with van Basco’s karaoke player

This is much more versatile player than Windows media player. Obtainable for FREE from:

With it you can:

– learn an individual part by playing only that one

– listen to all the parts equally loudly

– listen to all the parts with yours highlighted

– listen to all the other parts and ‘sing in’ your part

– change the key (making it easier to learn particularly high or low parts)

– change the tempo (useful for those fast sections of semiquavers!)

As with all midi files, the disadvantage is it lacks ‘musical feeling’ and simply gives you the notes with no expression, pauses, dynamics etc.

I usually follow it up by listening and singing along to a quality recording of the music sung by a good choir.

Useful sources of midi files (All FREE!).

Please let us  know in the comments  how you get on and if you find any other useful websites. 



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