Sam Gardner  is the Musical Director of the Paulinus Singers in Ripon and the Michelmas Singers (based on Teesside). He was Chorus Master of Hull Choral Union, spent three years as Assistant Director of the Chapter House Choir at York Minster, and has acted as a Vocal Coach forSingLive’s Leeds, York, Newcastle and Sheffield choirs.

Sam gained a Masters degree in Performance Practice from the University of York, under Professor Peter Seymour, specialising in the choral music of Britten, Mozart and the English Reformation. Four years at the University of York were spent developing a vibrant, engaging approach to conducting, focusing on bringing the composer’s intentions and ideas to the listener.

4 thoughts on “Conductor

  1. Last night I attended the concert at Bishop Monkton and hugely impressed by the Singers and particularly the work of its conductor Mr. Gardner who successfully brought out the form and shape of each choral piece from his choir..

    1. Dear Austin – thanks for your kind comments, they are appreciated.

      We work very hard on the phrasing and performance of these pieces – especially important given the wide range of styles at the concert in Bishop Monkton.

      My key points to the choir are that in earlier music no two syllables are the same – there are always different stresses, and that it is this text that separates us as singers from instrumentalists. The choir responded to this really well last weekend and I’m pleased that you enjoyed our performance.

      With best wishes,

      Sam Gardner

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